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Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me get my new Fanatec setup working with GT7.

I'm running GT7 on PS5. Been playing GT sims for years and most of my experience is related to Logitech products which are native to GT and buttons can easily be mapped through the in-game setup menus.

I originally wanted to purchase the DD Pro bundle specifically made for GT/PS5 however they were out of the wheel and had no idea when they would be backfilled therefore Fanatec suggested I could use another wheel as a replacement to the GT wheel. No problem (I thought), I like the looks of the Formula wheels anyway.

I went ahead and built my own setup and went with the DD Pro Wheelbase ("PS5 ready"), the Clubsport Formula V2.5 and the Clubsport Pedals V3. Unboxed yesterday, upgraded firmware on all components and attached to the PS5 hoping for a surreal driving experience. Well, the wheel certainly works on the PS5 however, I'm unable to figure out how to configure any of the buttons on the wheel with functions in the sim such as fuel mapping, DRS, brake bias, TC etc....

is this even possible or did I buy a product that isn't configurable on PS5? Without being able to adjust things on the fly, this is simply a high-end (basic steering wheel) for lack of a better term.

Hoping someone can help steer me straight,.




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    The wheel in general is fully configurable on PS5 - if the game supports this feature.

    GT games were always bad in this things. They provide one basic preset - thats it. No preset for every wheel.

    You can only configure those basic buttons which the game provides you. You just need to have a look into the Quick Guide to see which button on the wheel has which Playstation button and then assign the in game functions to those Playstation buttons.

    GT games do not support direct binding of TC, ABS, Brake Bias etc, you have to navigate to the respective HUD page with the left 2-way-switch and then increase or decrease the value with the right two-way-switch.

    In other games like ACC, which support a proper button binding, the wheel is not limited and can be mapped freely, its just the restricted design decision in GT games which limits the possibilities of the wheels.

    If you want to map buttons freely wiithout restrictions you should look for other games (which then also provide better FFB as a bonus).

  • GT7 hasn't this possibility, you can only map what's available on the controller setup menu (and selecting your wheel...well, CSL or DD wheel anyway).

    It's like that, always have been, for BB or TC you have to navigate and activate the proper screen, with the P1 rim you could cycle between menus, with the 'new' Gt wheel you have individual buttons.

    The Formula wheel is fully usable with ACC on console, I have the V2.5x and on ACC I basically mapped every single button, funky switch, rotary....(not counting the 3 dedicated console buttons.


  • Thanks for the informative replies. It's as I expected.

  • Hello, I have a question about PS5 buttons mapping too. It's maybe an idiot ask but can we have a button on CSL Wheel ( P1 V2 for instance ) that can do a "home button like" on the ps5 ? Like the dualsense for recognizing the pad.

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    Yes, according to the manual of the P1 V2 that would be the upper button of the 2-button-row on the left.

  • Ah great ! Thanks for the reply I even don't thought about the manual !

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