Wheel Seetings - just three settings possible

Hey guys,

i have the gran-turismo-dd-pro-wheel-base-8-nm and the F1 2.5x Wheel. I play on my XBox Series X. Is it normal that I have only three (SEN, FF and NDP) settings ?

And the wheel rotation in F1 22 is so strange. I can’t set the settings That the rotation in game is equal like my wheel …

thanks for your help :)


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    You are in the Standard Tuning Menu with limited settings.

    To switch into the Advanced Tuning Menu with all the settings you need to press the Tuning Menu Button for 3 seconds while being in the Tuning Menu.

    For F1 22 on Xbox you need to set the SEN setting to 2520.

  • Sounds like you're in "basic" mode. Try pressing the tuning menu button on your wheel once, and then pressing and holding it for three seconds. I believe this should put you into "advanced" mode where you will have all settings unlocked.

    As for Xbox wheel rotation in F1, try setting your wheel rotation to 2520, and in game to 360. It's an old bug that was introduced in F1 2021 on xbox, and CM have never gotten around to addressing it.

  • thank You very much !!!!!

  • This confusion could be avoided if Fanatec renamed the settings.

    Standard should be called Basic; it is not the standard setting - it is a basic setting for beginners.

    Advanced should be called Standard - it is the normal setting that is used by most people. The options that it offers are not advanced - they are the standard settings that have been accessible from day 1 for normal users need to adjust to tune feedback to preference.

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