Fanatec support availability?

My DD1 has gone dead, so I'm trying to contact Fanatec support, but am having no luck. When I try to log in, it tells me my password is incorrect, but when I try to reset my password, the promised email never arrives. So I tried setting up a new account, but I'm going around and around in circles, as it keeps telling me to re-enter my password, over and over. How can I reach Fanatec customer support? I have a very bad feeling they are dealing with a massive backlog, and getting in touch with them is going to be a nightmarishly frustrating experience...


  • Support doesn't take long at all to reply to issues so that's not it.

  • he needs support so he can contact support

  • I managed to find the customer support form, and filled out all the requested information, including the versions of all my drivers, a description of my problem, and I shot and attached a video. But when I pressed the submit button, I'm getting an eternal spinning wheel, so the page is getting hung up somehow. I tried submitting the form without the video, but got the same result. Maybe they're just having a problem with their system at the moment. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.

  • Alternatively, if it turns out that getting in contact with Fanatec customer support is a lost cause, are there any companies (in the U.S., in my case) that repair sim racing hardware? I'm sure my problem (with my brake pedal) is relatively simple, and it's out of warrantee anyway, so I don't even see the point of going through Fanatec. Thanks.

  • @Andrew Nagy regarding your form submission problem, maybe you've tried already, but I'd recommend clearing browser cookies/cache or possibly using a different browser altogether. Sometimes that'll do the trick.

  • Thanks; I'll give that a try. From my symptoms (which have actually been present in a different form practically since I first stated using the pedals), I'm pretty sure I have a bad load cell, so hopefully Fanatec can just send me a new one, if I can get the form to work.

  • OK, I tried the support page again today, and this time it went through. Hopefully I will get a response in a reasonable amount of time, but I understand that with the ongoing supply chain issues, things will probably be significantly delayed.

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