Clubsport usb adapter

I have csl pedals plugged into a csl dd pro and I am have compatibility problems with some older games

for example F1-2015 (game doesnt detect the wheel in compatibility mode yellow)

The problem is with the pedals, the game thinks they are always depressed at least 50% of the way. if i plugged them in via usb with the adapter would it fix this problem?


  • ps: this 50% behaviour reminds me of the way the trigger buttons differ between direct input and xinput

    xinput handles the trigger buttons as two separate inputs instead of a single positive/negative axis on DirectInput.

    Im wondering if the wheel isnt recognised by the game the game defaults to assuming your using an xinput device

    maybe that or something similar is the problem

  • Just a very quick update in case anybody is interested I just tried some games with the pedals unplugged and the game still thinks its getting input to the accelerator and brake so I've got a feeling connecting the pedals via the usb adapter wont help

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