CSL Elite PS4 not reconized on PC

Hi there,

my Problem is that the CSL Elite PS4 will not be reconized by Forza MS7 in PC Mode(red) . In other games it is working flawless.

The CSL is in PC Mode and if i set it in the Options Menu it is listed as unknown device.

I get it only working at the CSW 2 mode, then it will reconized by the game.

In changed the driver from 328 to the actual Beta and done the FW Update, still not working.

I tried different USB Ports on my PC, still the same.

Any solutions out there? THx


  • I've just run into this problem, installed FM7 and it just wouldn't recognise my CSL Elite PS4 properly.

    I was running beta 372 (with latest FW),

    It would let me map buttons and axis, but it didn't know what kind of wheel it was and it didn't provided ANY force feedback.

    I tried updating to 373, still nothing. Tried reflashing the firmware, still nothing. Tried uninstalling Fanalab. Still nothing.

    I tried CSW2 mode and got a little more recognition (it lit up at least) but FFB still didn't work.

    Eventually I uninstalled the drivers completely and put 328 on - now FM7 works perfectly.

    Clearly the beta Fanatec drivers break with Forza Motorsport 7 (at least with CSL Elite).

  • I have this exact issue, have tried every driver in the list, including the one above and no joy. Everything works perfect in iRacing/Assetto/Horizon and of course the PS5.

    I use the BMW GT wheel but I can't see that being an issue. The weirdest thing is I only just swapped this base, I had the Xbox only v1.1 version that was fine, swapped in this PS4 one and now FM7, and only FM7, just wont work.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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