Fix QR1 clank sound when there is a high FFB

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Can someone give me a solution to the clank sound from the QR1 with a high FFB? I currently have a Podium DD2 and I use the little retention screw for the QR1 (only one wheel that I don't need to remove). With the screw I do not hear as much clank sound but I still get it every single time I use the wheel.

Obviously, I have been waiting for the QR2 (I know no updates are given for that) or for Fanatec to allow third party's make a quick release for their products.

Any tips would be grateful.

PS - Otherwise I love the DD2, especially more after the firmware update.


  • FYI - I tried the Z-Ring and similar to the Z-Ring. I thought they were worse that the rubber fanatec way.

  • I have three wheels with QR1 and only one of them is quiet. The only thing I can think of is to put cotton in and around the spring... So i just deal with it :(

  • In case you hadn't found a solution for this yet: I cut up one of those thick rubber keychains I got when I bought my car and wedged it around the opening where the QR compresses to detach. Two pieces on opposite sides. See photos. Absolutely no clanks no matter how hard I hit the wall in sim.

    I just put a z-ring on there, but that's not necessary to resolve the clanking. Been using the keychain pieces for months with no clanks.

  • interesting!

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