Handbrake not registering in games

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Hi all

Handbrake registers as working in Fanatec Control , and I can set the minimum and maximum values ok ..

When I log into AC or Dirt Rally 2.0 or Beamng Drive , the Handbrake does not register in any of the input settings . I am running all Fanatec gear . V3 , WRC or Podium with DD1 , Seq. shift and of course the Handbrake .. It is all set up on a Trak Racer frame and am using a brand new ,well set up gaming computer , so have no issues with input or quality .. Everything works well , except the handbrake ..

Hope this is enough info for one of you smart cookies to give some advice ... Cheers ...


  • Well I got the handbrake to work ...

    I downloaded Driver 443 , connected the Handbrake to the V1.5 Clubsport pedals (CSPP) via the Handbrake port on the Clutch side and was able to detect the handbrake in the Fanatec control panel (FCP) , set the Min. and Max. parameters .. Went into both DirtRally 2.0 and Assetto Corsa (via Content Manager) but was at this point still unable to get it to work ..

    Tonight I started up the computer , went first to FCP and set the Parameters again , Then went to AC into settings and set the handbrake , and for the first time in months it registered .. Then went and tested on drift and it was working ... Then went to 2.0 into Dirtfish and set the Handbrake thru the CSPP , not Steering , as I had done before , and it works ...

    I'm still not 100% sure why it works now and not the first time in AC after I Downloaded 443 ..

    I know after reading all I could that I'm not the only one with these issues , so if any of this helps others it's worth this post ... Also if anyone has a comment as to why it works now , it would be appreciated ...

    And thanks to Arian at Support for suggesting 443 .. The Fanatec Gear is pretty good but there are a lot of anomalies and reading the forum posts I'm not alone trying to work out problems with not much educated knowledge .. 🍻

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