Can't get AMS2 to recognize wheel properly / turning left or right

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I'm getting extremely annoyed with this. I've been able to play AMS2 successfully plenty of times in the past. Recently I updated Windows and needed to update all the drivers for Fanatec. AMS2 also had a large update. Every other sim works, F1, ACC, AC, etc. AMS2? Nothing works.

What I experience - AMS2 doesn't recognize that the wheel turns left or right. Fanatec's control panel does. But the game doesn't. 

What I've done:

Change steam settings to default settings and disable controllers in controller settings for AMS2. 

Reset controls in game to defaults.

Used Fanatec DD2 / F1 V2 + Separate Pedals preset

Used Custom Wheel Preset - when using this or the above preset, the game doesn't recognize that I am turning the wheel left or right so I can't assign left / right. I can assign every other button. Again, Fanatec control panel says I am turning it

Disconnect and re-connected all controllers, wheels, accessories. Moved them from a hub to direct connect and vice-versa. 

Updated all firmware / settings from Fanatec

Punched my keyboard

Asked on other sub Reddits, read other forums, tried everything I can find...

What do? I'd really like to enjoy the game I've enjoyed countless times before but for some reason can't figure this out...please help. :(


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    That's a very annoying known issue of the game.

    Only solution which helps is to delete the whole AMS2 folder in your Documents and then start the game again so the game reconfigures from scratch.

  • It can be a pain to calibrate the wheel in AMS2, but by doing like I do in this short clip I'm mostly succesful. Start with the wheel in the center position, rotate all the way to the stop and then slightly back:

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