CSL pedals LC are jittery

My CSL load cell brake pedal is starting to jitter (jump around) similar to how the potentiometer based CSL pedals used to do. Is it dying or is there a fix? Do I need to RMA? The pedal is only four months old.

I am unable to hold it steady. It's always jumping around.


  • Has anyone else seen this behavior with the CSL LC brake pedal?

  • I have the exact same issue! Did you get this resolved?

  • It's normal. LC and Hall sensors are measuring instruments. LC measures weight, while Hall sensor measures distance.

    These meters are analog, of course, the output is digital, so it meant that LC is nothing more than a scale, and the value you see its needle.

    Each measuring instrument needle oscillates around the measured value. These oscillations are always there and gradually fade away until they stop. The duration of these oscillations defends against accuracy, which for a fully mechanical instrument depends on internal friction. Just to give an example, the precision scales of goldsmiths and gunsmiths use magnetic dampers, otherwise they would never stop oscillating, since they are precise.

    LC has a "digital" precision of 12 bits (4096 values), which means 0.024% accuracy. If you prefer, it detects a difference of 1.5 grams on 60000, 1.5 grams on 60 Kg.

    Also, the Diview you are using transforms the raw data from 12 to 16 bits (65536 values) and this makes the index tremble more because it jerks, it is not fluid.

    How come it doesn't stop? Simple, because your foot is never really still, and when you apply force it always shakes a little. And every time the foot moves slightly, the swing starts again.

    Why don't the accelerator and clutch vibrate as much? Because the foot makes less force and trembles much less, moreover the greater pedal travel helps to maintain the position better.

    This has no effect on the game, as the game uses the pedal accuracy which is 12 bits, and most likely reduces it to make it more stable.

    With all due respect to all those who are convinced that a 16 bit pedal is better than 12 or 8 bit.

    It is the "analog" quality of the load cell, or sensor or potentiometer that determines the actual accuracy, not the "digital" accuracy of the output.

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