ClubSport Table Clamp V2 with CSL DD - MOD

I want to tell you why and how I modified the ClubSport V2 in order to get almost the best out of my CSL DD.

When I wanted to buy the CSL DD, I was not sure what table clamp to use, the new plastic one for the CSL DD, or the more expensive yet "full" metal Clubsport V2.

I just want to use the wheel on my table every once in a while because I am no hardcore racer and I do switch between office work, shooters, strategy-games and casual-racers and ColinMcRae. My monitor is quite far away, so despite it being 38" ultra-wide, I need to sit as close to the edge of the table in order to get a good immersion.

The special CSL-DD-Table-Clamp has two disadvantages, in my opinion: Is is made out of plastic (flex, noise, wear) and it sits to close on the front of the table. But it also has two advantages: It has a quick-release clamp and a nice angle (even though not adjustable).

Because of the possible depth on the table and the adjustability, I bought the Clubsport clamp. But the adjustability was soon revealed as not existing - with its angle only going DOWN, you could get the wheel in position to use it while sitting on the ground. But if you want to lift it a little bit up from the low desk, the ClubSport fails you - it is not desigend to work this way. A big disappointment to me.

But the rest of it is really nice. It is solid a s a rock - you can screw it so tight to the table, you cannot move it with all the force you have (if you are not Arnold Schwarzenegger ;) ) . There is not cranking noise coming from it, too. It has just one more downside: On a curved dest you cannot put it all the way on the desk because a vertical metal bar on the front prevents you from doing so. It is designed to stop the clamp right on the straight edge of the table - if it is curved, it stopts the clamp on the outer sides of the curve. So i flexed the outer part of the bar away and now it sits perfectly and still rock stable on my curved desk.

I got rid of the (only down-angeling) part that is usually supposed to hold the motor because it only makes the clamp stick out to the front even more.You can save about 5cm op deph by doing so. I easily comes of removing the angle-stop-screw and the axle-bar. There are also mounting holes on the base plate so there is nothing missing.

The other mod I did is drilling two more holes in it about 3cm closer to the back side of the metal base plate. Fixing the DD with only two screws still makes it sit rock stable on the table. You can drill the holes easily from the top, but you have to sink the holw edges from the bottom in order to make the DD-mounting-screws flush with the plate. This is a little tricky because it beeing U-shaped the other part of the U hinders you from reaching the one part you have to sink the holes. I bought a small hand-sinker and used it with a T-bar. A long process, but successfull.

So to me, the Clubsport V2-Clamp is quite ideal for the DD since it is very sturdy and also fastly released. What I would wish though would be angle-adjustability upwards and mounting holes closer to the back. But it is worth the money. I wonder if the special-DD-Clamp is as solid as the older one.


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