CSL load cell pedal stuck on / off

About to contact support, but thought I'd drop a note here to see if anyone had any similar experiences or advice.

My CSL load cell pedal has suddenly decided that it will stay stuck on at 100% even when the pedal isn't being touched, or it will not register any braking no matter how hard I push the pedal.

There are moments in between when it "works' but presents itself as either 100% on or 100% off and nothing in between.

Tried in both GT7 and ACC - both on PS5 - and the behaviour is identical, either stuck on or stuck off. Is this a known problem, and is there a fix before I have to deal with warranty processes and no pedals?


  • Update to this. Despite reading endless threads about how bad Fanatec support is, I was amazed that I had a reply first thing in the morning yesterday. I was asked to re-install the driver and firmware, which I did and resulted in the load cell pedal then not working at all 🙄

    Within a few hours I had my RMA details, and the load cell pedal is being collected by DPD today and shipped to the Fanatec repair centre in London. Obviously I've got no idea how long it will take to get repaired on replaced, but I'm pretty impressed with the support experience thus far.

    Oh, and I somehow managed to convince myself that since I had to send the CSL load cell back, I may as well order the CSL Elite v2 pedals while I'm waiting - there's probably some kind of logic buried deep in there, you'll need a torch and a shovel to find it 😂

    So, if anyone's after a set of CSL load cell pedals, I'll have some for sale in a little while 😉

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