Xbox(Xsx) Dirt Rally 1, how to get CSW v2's feel to CSL DD Pro 8nm?

As said, I feel with CSL DD pro ffb is too muted/somehow distant and not so visceral/raw as it was witth CSW v2. I can't feel front wheels against surface as I did witn CSW etc...

Dirt Rally 1 had by huge margin best gravel ffb on Xbox-side with CSW v1/v2. But just now I can't get that similar good feel in it.


  • Not possible to answer without knowing your Tuning Menu settings

  • Well I had in CSW v2; 540 degrees, FF100, drift 1 and thats it because there was no more to use in Xbox-side. Of course I have put CSL to 540 too, peak, ff100 etc etc.

    Main point was that which settings are most important to receive that "CSW-feel"? Like said with CSW I almost felt loose gravel particles under front wheels but not with CSL DD.

  • The complete CSL DD setup?

    If you feel too smooth it will be the fault of the INT and FEI filters.

    If you feel too stuck it will be the fault of NDR, NFR, and NIN.

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