Assetto Corsa Competizione (PS5) - Fanatec Recommended Settings?

Can we expect Fanatec recomended settings for ACC after 1.8.1 patch for PS5? Or should we just use old recomended PS4 settings?


  • It took Fanatec about two and a half months after the release of F1 22 to publish recommended settings for it, and that was for a brand new game.

    For updated settings to an existing game, even an update as significant as the ACC 1.8 patch, I would expect to wait at least a similar length of time - if updated settings ever come at all.

  • Guess this kind of help/customer service is not included in the price of gear... And I thought it's a crutial part of best customer experience when it comes to a wheel base set up right for specific game/sim... but maybe I'm wrong

  • You're definitely not wrong about that. 

  • Not wrong at all, I agree 100%. But for whatever reason, Fanatec just don't seem to place a very high priority on such things. You'd think they would, especially for a game like ACC, where they've got quite a large branding presence. But then again, Fanatec make a WRC branded wheel, yet there's no official forum here with recommended settings for any of the WRC's as if they don't even exist. 🤷‍♂️

  • Hi.

    Are there now the recommended settings somewhere?

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