Question on INT in ACC

I understand the concept behind that, best example was iRacing that is using 60hz signal that is quite rough, so filter simply make it smoother. But what about games such us ACC where FBB is running at 400hz, is filter even needed in this case? In my tests I couldn’t feel difference on CSL DD with INT set to 2 or OFF In fact weirdest was that Porsche oscillates way less on high speed with INT OFF, which in my mind makes no sense as INT meant to make signal smoother and eliminate oscillation but it’s making it worst .


  • With CSL DD/GT DD Pro.

    ACC/Raceroom doesn't need INT.

    NDP lowers oscillation. Not needed in ACC/Raceroom either (unless you lower linearity, use bump amplification or something like that.)

  • Cheers Hugo.

    im running NDP 30 on ACC and it works fine. Porsche 911 is the only car that oscillates over 200 km/h but as mentioned when INT is set to zero this effect nearly goes away completely.

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