Fanatec Wheels in Gran Turismo 7

Do you know if Polyphony will be adding the Clubsport Steering Wheel to Gran Turismo 7?

I am unable to use the funky swith for adjusting tbe MFD car settings during the race.

I have noticed Polyphony have added the CSL Elite steering wheel WRC


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    Which ClubSport Steering wheel? There are dozens of ClubSport steering wheels.

    And no, PD wont add specific steering wheels, only presets for whole base+wheel Bundles but every wheel will just work.

  • I'm using a Clubsport Steering Wheel RS with the DD Pro wheelbase.

    All works fine apart from I'm unable to change the MFD views and setting during a race in GT7.

  • I have exactly the same problem: in the PS-Mode (blue) my ClubSport-Wheel is recognized by Gran Turismo 7 as a „Gran Turismo DD Pro Steering wheel“ and this has a different button mapping. Only by switching to the PS-Compatibility-Mode (purple), the Game recognizes the correct wheel with the correct button mapping. BUT: the ForceFeedback in the purple mode is much weaker in comparison to the blue mode. I placed a support ticket and keep you informed.

  • That is NOT an issue but 100% the expected behaviour.

    Please close the support Ticket, there is no need for it.

  • Thanks, Maurice, for your response. Good to know, that I haven‘t done anything wrong in the past :-)

    What do think about the force/resistance in the purple mode in comparison to the blue mode, is it fact that it is weaker in the purple-mode on GT7 or just my subjective feeling?

  • I have DDPro base with a couple of wheels (not GT branded wheel). Its best to leave your base in Blue PS5 mode and just change the buttons in GT7 illustration that map to the same buttons on your wheel. The docs for each Fanatec wheel have the equivalent PS buttons maps listed. The D-pad buttons map to the right funky switch - set left right up down to work the MFD and all is good.

  • I love my GT DD Pro - even though it is not possible to use 4 of the joysticks on the actual wheel. Just typical Gran Turismo SNAFU type stuff.

    I recently just broke the hat switch physically on the wheel - and I was half thinking that maybe I could remap one of the 4 unused joysticks on the silly wheel to take over what the hat switch does - maybe I'll find out that I can do this! Would be nice! I'm doubting that it will be possible to do a remapping and have it work with Playstation GT7 though. We shall see.

    The wheel has been great for a year. I have a load cell brake and it's pretty good.

    I managed to do pretty good in the manufacturers cup and had a lot of fun.

    I DO wonder if I am missing out on anything or any features or improvements - I have avoided connecting to my Windows laptop for a year.

    I strongly dislike having to run an ancient laptop with Windows to do any firmware update and configuration of the setup - it's a huge hassle and when I upgrade to something better - I will avoid Fanatec likely because of the "windows" issue. I simply do not want to run a windows computer in order to update the rig. I'm sure it's a non-issue for most sim racers etc - but I am playing Playstation GT7 and I do not at all want to mess around with pain in the aXX software - I just like to start up the Playstation and get going on GT7.

    If I can't easily fix my hat switch I'll be looking to upgrade.

    Why in the hell wouldn't Fanatec put in a Bluetooth or Wifi chip into their hardware and make iPhone App/ Android App for wireless configuration and over the air OTA updates??? I won't buy Fanatec again unless they do this soon. Hope they listen.

  • They’ll probably listen, but won’t do anything.

    Unfortunately there is a neverending story on different topics.

    When you think about the “official” wheelbase for GT7 and then you got one of the worst FFB ever there isn’t much to add, Fanatec blames Polyphony, Polyphony won’t do nothing rather than claiming their product is again the real driving simulator and so they’re the best, Fanatec is focused on growth and going back on track with production rates, oh I forgot the Fanatec-Microsoft soap opera going on since ages….and we users are in between.

    So if you wish that Fanatec will do something you wish “soon”, and your wish is a huge thing like opening up fw updates to Mac OS or mobile stuff….well, curb your enthusiasm, or simply don’t buy anymore from them.

    It’s your choice, and they will not care anyway, business is going greater than ever.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like my Fanatec stuff and personally I had no bad experiences so far and I run very very few fw updates, and I’m totally ok for the company to grow more and more…but yes I have my wishes and dislikes too for several things to be different and better.


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