Formula v2 BROKEN


My Formula V2 is broken on the top and he 's cover by warranty.

i made a warranty claim last week, with a video for the ticket.

i have no response....

Usually, How many time to have a response?

It's really annoying, with lots of side play, precision isn't good...

i respect the process.

This is the first time I have called the Service, I hope not to be disapointed, because that's really a good Steering wheel.

No one else have this problem ?


  • Depending on the geographic area you are in and the period, the first response can take a day, a week, two or more.

  • i live in France.😉

  • It's been 15 days and still no response.

    It's a bit long tough...

    i tough the after sales service more reactive.

    Really disapointed so far.

  • These days you should get a reply in 1 day or so when from Europe. You should also receive some confirmation mails that they received your message. So maybe try to make a new ticket via your profile.

    Had a claim (I'm from NL) last week and they always responded within about 1 day. Not that they were helpful and it took many mails to get something arranged.

  • i wanted to buy a new steering wheel, here i ask myself the question FANATEC OR NOT....

  • Luiz SantiLuiz Santi Member
    edited November 2022

    i have the same part broken on another place , i try to buy the cover part on support and they dont sell to me

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