Does PS4 licensed CSL Elite P1 wheel work on XBOX wheelbase?

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Hi all,

I just purchased an XBOX wheelbase (CSL Elite V1.1) and the seller gave me a CSL Elite P1 steering wheel with it. The steering wheel however originates form a PS4 licensed combination so it also has the Playstation button in the middle.

After connecting to XBOX I cannot seem to make it switch to XBOX mode. Already updated the firmware by connecting to PC and there everything seems fine.

Could it be the PS4 wheel is preventing it to switch to XBOX mode?

Your advice is appreciated!

p.s. really looking forward to start racing with this new Fanatec setup :).


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    Short answer: No.

    Longer answer: There is no "XBOX wheelbase".

    Xbox compatibility comes exclusively through the attached steering wheel, NOT through the base.

    EVERY Base automatically works on Xbox, if you attach a Xbox compatible steering wheel onto it.

    The P1 PlayStation wheel is NOT an Xbox compatible steering wheel, therefore also the base wont work on Xbox with this wheel.

    What you need is one of the Xbox compatible steering wheels (like the CSL P1 BMW, CSL Elite McLaren, CSL ELite WRC, Universal Hub v2 for Xbox, Formula V2.5X).

    Conclusion: If the seller sold you the bundle with the claim that it works on Xbox, then he lied to you....

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