Universal Hub - double shifters (2pin and 6pin) together?

Hello guys.

I am creating my own button plate using Universal hub. And I wonder one thing (well, two):

I use Magnetic CS shifters which are plugged into 6pin sockets. When looking into manual, it says that old standard 2pin shifter sockets report different buttons in Windows hid than these APM standard 6pin. I unfortunately haven't got any older shifters around as all my hubs are on APM/magnetic CS ones so I cannot try it without creating custom button for testing.

And here comes the question: what happens if I use old 2pin sockets for buttons... NOT shifters? I mean, shifters are just buttons, but will the output be doubled, or will it report different button presses?

And second question which depends on the first, though: if they report different butons, where goes the sequential mapped to paddles (in control panel)?

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