Selling: Fanatec CSL DD 8Nm + Formula V2.5 + BMW GT2 V1 [UK]

Hi all,

I have been offered the chance to buy a friends Simucube Pro, however in order for me to be able to afford it I will need to be able to sell my current gear to help cover the costs of the upgrade.

Therefore I have not decided yet if I will 100% be selling as it will depend on how much I can get to help afford the Simucube. Just want to make that clear so if it doesn't end up working out nobody gets the wrong idea.

Anyway onto the equipment:

For sale I have a CSL DD 8Nm, a Formula V2.5, a BMW GT2 V1 and I have some Heusinkveld Sprints (2 pedal set) with the base plate which again I may be willing to sell depending on the price.

The CSL DD and Formula V2.5 were both purchsed on 18th Jan 2022.I still have all the boxes, stickers and delivery box and very good condition

The HE Sprints were purchased on 12th Jan 2022, also have the boxs and good condition.

For the BMW GT2 V1, I got this from a friend second hand as he had moved away from the Fanatec ecosystem so I'm not sure when it was ordered (I can find out if required) and don't have any of the original boxes, only the Fanatec bag it goes in.

Again at this point this is more a case of engaging interest and possible prices to determine if I can afford the upgrade mysely, but if anybody has wants any more info just let me know.


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