Change Throttle and Clutch on the CSL Elite LC Pedals

Hi, is there a way to do that? Because even if I switch the cables, it still says that the throttle is the throttle and the clutch the clutch.


  • Okay I did it, so you have to just switch the pedal position and leave the cables as they are. Then you just assign the clutch as the throttle ingame and the throttle as the clutch. You can also switch the plates ontop of the Pedals.

  • Maybe you are talking about CSL Pedals, and not CSL Elite Pedals, as in the title. CSL Elite have built-in pedal faces and cannot be replaced.

    The reason for this escapes me. What advantage would there be in doing so? Perhaps the clutch spring is harder, but it would be enough to reverse the two springs.

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