Should I be done with Fanatec and move to Moza

Back In June 22 A pin broke off From my McLv2 into csl Elite in which Im not even rough on the wheel. I paid out of pocket For an RmA as I was just a month out of warranty. I actually live about 40 mins from where they do the Rma Service so The turn around is pretty quick.

When I received It back the McLv2 was fine but Csl base would not center No matter what I did and base was all over the place in game. After a week of trying different things I sent it back for a 2nd RMA when I got it back the base would Finally center but again the base was/still is all Over the place freezes wont match with game there is like a 2 second delay.

I have been In contact with support for 5 months with this problem ive been a bit busy so I have been patient. I am tech savvy did everything they told me (even before they told me) I sent them several videos of the issue Nothing works. They have pretty much been giving me the same advice for several months now. I said screw it and did a Full clean windows reinstall even lost all my car set ups on my sims (which was my fault for not saving them) So I have come to the conclusion that the drivers dont work Or they dont fully test their Repaired on actual sims but support fully assures me they do and theirs nothing wrong from their end.

Now that I have the time and the money I was going to get the CsL dd and did not mind waiting a bit until they had some in stock. It dos not seem like they are gonna them anytime soon I was was gonna bite the bullet and pay for the csl dd pro even though I dont have a playstation. I was going to get it and resale my csl base. I was going to resale it for cheap because I really dont need the money but I dont want to rip anyone off if the its actually the base not working. The Fanatec support have tried but have not offerd me any real kind of solution or atleast some kind of discount code to buy a new base or an RMA refund I have just been stuck with this Giant paper weight. Now im just Kinda in limbo with my thoughts I was thinking about getting the CSL dd pro anyway to make it all easy after thinking I dont want to deal with pins breaking and dealing with the support again.

Now im thinking of just selling my Mclv2 wheel and BmW wheel scrapping or just giving away my base to someone in need who thinks they can fix. It and moving over to the Moza r9 and their wheels. Im curious to any Opinions.

Here is the last message From their support

Dear Emmanuel,

Thanks for your reply and I understand your point of view, but please let me clarify the matter.

As I have stated already, from our experience we can confirm that such an issue is related to the USB connection or software, especially when the product was working without any issues before sending it back to you.

We also had cases in the past, where similar issue was caused by a defective USB port of the PC, which has caused the PCBA to fail again.

- Did you connect the wheel base to the same USB port on your PC which was used before the RMA?

- Did you connect the wheel base to the front USB port or to the motherboard directly?

Of course, we can offer you another inspection of the wheel base. If the issue can be confirmed and is related to the main PCBA of the wheel base, which was replaced, we will handle re repair under warranty.

If the issue is related to something else like to motor or other components or if it cannot be confirmed, we will have to charge you for the repair and shipping.

Please let me know if you would like to proceed with the inspection.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


(Fanatec Support Team)


  • It's totally up to you. I presume as you are tech savvy you have absolutely ruled out the issue being caused by your PC, which is what Fanatec are claiming is the root cause. If that is the case, then you have had a completely unsatisfactory experience with Fanatec support. Why would you even consider buying another wheelbase from the same vendor knowing how support requests are handled. The market is maturing quickly, whereas once Fanatec were able to dominate the mid to high end sim hardware market there are now many other viable options. I would be inclined to switch.

  • You are correct. It would of been the easy way out because I already have almost everything in the echo system but I dont want to deal with it again so I am just going to go with the R9. Also Im as tech savyvy to have built my own PC a few times and know how fix issues that come up anytime on my pc. You are correct with everything you said

  • I feel a certain envy for Moza products. R9 looks perfect. No more power is needed, the wheelbase is a gem and the steering wheels, even the cheapest, seem infinitely premium compared to the Fanatec.

    I'll probably go your way when the warranty on my Fanatecs expires. Not that Fanatec's technical support has ever been of any help. Little authority and expertise on the products that they themselves market.

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