Throttle Mods for CSL LC Pedals?

Hi, I've been using my pedals for over a week now and would like a little bit less travel on the throttle. I've no complaints about the pedals at all, they're fine and I'm enjoying using them, I just prefer a little bit less throttle travel as it's what I'm used to.

This from 3DRap would be ideal but it's too pricey for what it is, especially with shipping on top. I was wondering if anyone had done something similar just using cheap easy-to-find materials. Or by adding something to make the diameter of the built-in pedal stop bigger?


  • Thanks, I'm looking into it. It's difficult to judge sizes etc, was hoping someone had already tried something and had some dimensions.

  • Maybe remove one of the polymers, measure it then replace with the equivalent sized washers?

  • That's what I ended up doing, still sort of guessing at the size of washers though because they need to be bigger than the existing stop (which is 12mm diameter in case anyone else is interested). I ordered some cheap nylon washers so I'll just try them out when they arrive.

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