My account is blank After login

Hello everyone, it is from today afternoon that I am not logged in to my account, I enter the credentials and it gives me a blank page and I cannot see or manage my order. is it also to you? can you please arrange that i have to change my order? thanks for answering me


  • Yes,same for me. Have just managed to login for first time today on and can't see my order or access my account from there at all. Website is very slow/not working for me for the most part.

    I have managed to use the german site and login there though (eu-de). US/ASIA/AUSTRALIA sites seem fine too.

    Not sure what part of the website that you are struggling with but hope this helps. Seems like there is some kind of a problem.

  • I confirm, for me it is the same thing, I access and see everything from the site in German, but the European English one does not work. I hope they solve the problem soon because I have to change the order.

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    Hi all,

    I managed to get into my order page on the German site and then used my very little knowledge of the German language and google translate to decipher things. My order which was all in stock when I ordered it states that it is “open.” Does anyone know what this means? Does it change to shipped when it has been shipped? The items are for my sons 16th birthday on Sunday and I’m not holding out much hope for them being here on time.

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