F1 2021 - DD1/V2 - Buttons/Switches Freeze

After a few minutes, all the buttons on the V2 freeze. I can still turn wheel, but everything else doesn't function. I have to switch off wheel and restart. Pedals, USB connection, are fine.

I reinstalled Fanalap and drivers and for a couple of hours was fine, but now came back. Restarted with switch off and has been fine for 46 mins. Took logs when I finished.


  • Just crashed again. 2 new log files, 1 FW-Error has some info:

    Endor FW Forcefeedback Driver

    Build: May 31 2022 11:28:30

    Call : 11/16/2022 19:0:18

    SystemInfo PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_AMD64 (x64 - AMD or Intel)

    OSVersionInfo Version Number = 10.0

    OSVersionInfo Operating System = 

    OSVersionInfo CSD Version = 

    ** FW-FFB Error tracing for W:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\F1 2021\F1_2021_dx12.exe **


    CFAWForceFeedback::SendForceFeedbackCommand Failed! IFSCmdForceFeedback::SendForceFeedbackCommand:-8

    CFAWForceFeedback::_getFWReturnValue FW_ERROR_FFB_INVALID_COMMAND!

    CFAWForceFeedback::DeviceID Failed! DIERR_DEVICENOTREG


    The FW-FFB has no info.

    Grateful if someone can explain??

  • Hello!. Did you change USB? Try connecting to USB 2.0 (black color) that worked for me!

  • No connections changed for many months. I have only used USB 2.0 mobo header for the wheel base since May 2020. Changed pedals to USB 2.0 a year ago when I fitted better pedal vibration motors.

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