Ridge Racer Unbounded

This game is currently on sale on steam the question is does it work with Fanatec wheels or is it yet another game that the wheel wont work with ?


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    A simple Google search would have gave you the result that this Arcade Game does not even support any kind of steering wheels from any manufacturer, only Controllers.

    So yes, It's yet another game that the wheel wont work with.

  • DavrosDavros Member
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    ok thanks...

    I found this post claiming the g27 worked after doing some rebinding in the profiler

    ps: Codemasters F1 series do you happen to know what year fanatec wheels (CSL DD Pro) started working ?

    I know F1 2015 doesnt work so it's safe to assume the previous 6 games dont work either. F1 2019 does so I also assume everything later works so just missing info on 16/17/18

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