DD2 only the fan turns on and the wheel rotates 1/4

This was working fine yesterday, this morning, it will not power up. When you press and hold the button on the back or the button on the emergency stop, the fan runs constantly and the wheel turns a few degrees anti clockwise. There are no lights on the LCD display and the computer is not recognising the hardware. As soon as you release either power button , it just stops. I have tried reloading firmware, no good.

Any thoughts appreciated


  • That means rhe motor died and you need to contact the support.

  • OK thanks for the info. I hear their support is not all that great.

  • Rumours by the competion. I had the same problem as you after 2.5 years Fanatec was great. I had it fixed and back in iracing 2.5 months.

  • It's not just "rumours by the competition". From shortly after the release of the CSL DD about a year ago, until very recently, to say their support has been "subpar" would be extremely kind.

    Support tickets would go weeks, if not months, before being answered (usually by a request for more information, which would again take several more weeks before being replied to). There was a period where they abandoned their "live chat" due to the volume of support requests - customers were instructed to lodge requests via email only. And, in true comedic fashion, their email server was overwhelmed and support was unreachable by any means for a number of days.

    Within the last few months or so, there have been some stories that their support is getting better. Response times now seem to be reasonable, so that's at least encouraging. But I'm not convinced Fanatec have fixed the underlying problems that led to being overwhelmed like that in the first place.

  • Hello . Having same issue . How did you resolve please

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