Our biggest ever Black Friday sale! Starts November 25th to celebrate our 25th anniversary.



  • I made my DD2 order!

    Thanks fanatec!

  • Looks like quite hard to buy any stuff today. Thanks anyway.

  • 10:05 German time, still Wartungsarbeiten 🤷‍♂️

  • Seems like the site went down again after i made my order, i went ahead and contacted them via Live Chat to confirm if my order went through and fortunately it did.

    Hopefully it goes back up soon!

  • I didnt get my order in.

    But I am hanging around still to make it happen.

    Also curious to see what the anniversary specials in Australia are. Might be tempted by something in there!

  • well this is annoying

  • Now working in Australia. Just ordered a Load Cell brake pedal.

  • edited November 2022

    I had the steering wheel I want in the cart and web is broken again. It’s a big annoying.

  • Could some of the Podium Racing Wheel F1 be moved from the other regions to Europe?

    Would really like to buy one.

  • Is the ClubSport F1 2021 actually already sold out in Europe?

    Bummer, really wanted to get that one :(

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    We only had very few units. It was a limited edition as you know.

  • Hey Fanatec, this is really a sad story here with the BF sale.

    Did stick around yesterday night because your misleading countdown. This morning side is under Wartungsarbeiten. Now to noon time side is super slow or show internal server error.

    I like you company and I am holding stocks.

    But how can this be so fu* ** up, people want to give you their money for your great products. And its just not possible 🤦‍♂️

    Hope you compensate with longer running time of BF or offer individual discounts later on.

    Lets see…

  • Yes it is sold out already, was the second one to get sold out after the Clubsport F1 2020 edition.

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    On most of the products we have plenty of inventory and the sale is until Monday evening so everybody should have a very good chance to make a deal.

  • Thomas, thanks for your response and keeping people here informed. Appreciate your efforts a lot especially taking in perspective your job title 😉👍

  • Kieran O'DowdKieran O'Dowd Member
    edited November 2022

    Took me about an hour to get 2 items into cart due to unresponsive site, then site goes down just as I go to pay. It's like you guys don't want my money😂, website is doing everything possible to stop me.

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    Thank you and all others for your patience. Last year we had almost zero problems and this year we have huge problems. I guess we simply made too many offers.

    Our team of programmers is doing everything to increase the performance and at the moment we try to keep at least some regions running while we have to shut down others. I am sure they will find a solution.

  • Make 73Make 73 Member
    edited November 2022

    Why it´s so complicated?

    I´m sure there is professionals who can make much better web pages and also offer reliable stability also under rush like BF.

    There was also promise to give new forum software...maby 2 years ago.

    So just make things happen 😊

    One big problem is UPS charges, no point to order 30eur product when delivery cost is 25eur.

    btw, thanks again for communication with your cutomers!

  • I´m done - U need to have a lot of patience with Fanatec - for me I´m fine now - just needed a power up for my CSL DD...

    THX Fanatec! And good luck for all others still in the loop struggling to make their deal...

  • Had the F1 2021 ClubSport in the cart and couldn’t checkout. By the time I got past the umteenth maintenance page SNAFU and got back on it was gone.

    This seems to be a regular occurrence. 2 years ago websites selling PS5s crashed. Walmart, GameStop, etc…

    I’m not in tech. Is it that hard to keep websites going during high periods of traffic that a company the size of Walmart cannot cope let alone a small company like Fanatec.

    What a total bummer.

    Hope everyone got the gear they wanted.

  • Maybe move the website to Azure/AWS which will auto-size the resources given to the site depending on demand?

    I'm sure fanatec already know this :)

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    Looks like the performance of the servers were not the problem. It was a problem with the database and some data channels blocked all others and with everytimne we shut down the shop to solve it, the problem got worse.

    But everything is fully working now and we will extend the sale until Tuesday so that you have more time to shop. Some products are already sold out in some regions but there is still enough inventory available to last until Tuesday.

  • Thanks for everything that you guys do especially you Thomas, I already completed my Fanatec ecosystem, I'm looking forward to QR2 and some more stuff.

    Hopefully next year the whole bf thing will be smoother!

  • Next year I want to be able to place my order at 1 past midnight 😁

    And that counts for the other 1000 folk who will be F5'ing at the very same moment. We want to see German efficiency in the web hosting too ja.

    Other than that, great Black Friday and a happy 25th birthday!

  • It seems that they still have stock in Japan and sell it.

    It's a chance because the yen is weak.

  • Just now I bought a F12021 in usa store , if you can buy in usa ,just take it, I dont know how long it can keep online

  • But I want to ask that how can we get the triple wheel bundle in Japan? My friend is working in Tokyo, and he told me that the Jap store so interesting that even almost have nothing good bundle can buy , no DD1F1 and v3 , no DDpro , no cslDD, He's so sad 😂. And by the way , he fail to get the F12021, just take a V3i . LOL😥

  • And may i ask a qustion, whats the differents between the Formula v2 and v2.5 ?

    Is it the same if I change to podium shifter?😏

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