CSL DD 8 NM - Forza Horizon 5 settings

Dear Fanatec community,

I need a little help with setting up my CSL DD in Forza Horizin 5 (steam version). I did some research a found a lot of settings/guide in internet. I've tested them but non of them are what i wan't. Below settings are ok but it still missing somphing:


SEN   540

FF   100


NDP   50

NFR   0

NIN   0

INT   1

FEI   100

FOR   100

SPR   100

DPR   100


Steering Linearity         50

Vibration Scale            0.5

Force Feedback Scale         1.0

Center Spring Scale         0.1

Wheel Damper Scale         0.4

Mechanical trail scale         1.0

Force Feedback Min Force      1.0

Steering Sensitivity         0.5

Force feedback load sensitivity      1.0

Road feel scale            0.7

off-road feel scale         0.5

And now the problem is that:

  • wheel don't wanna get back to possition zero with that little kick
  • when i turn i like when wheel is "countering" direction of turn
  • and last i like when wheel is trying to get back to possition zero on turn so that in order to keep direction i need to in some way "fight" with wheel

I'm not sure if i describe it correcly but mayby is someone will be soo kind and just check that config and try to adjust it that way.

PS. I'm aware that FH5 is not a full time simrace game but more like arcade game but i just like to play it and i move from G920 and actually settings of that wheel was in some way better :P Please don't rage me becouse of that comment :P

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