DD pro for ps5 stopped working in game


got the DDpro in March 22, working fine on ps5, then yesterday after a few months not playing, I decided to try with friends. We do two races and in the middle of the third, the wheel stops working, but remains powered.

I disconnect everything but still nothing. This morning I try and plug it into PC and update to 447. App says no device found...

PC doesnt detect, tried yellow power, red power, all usb ports, driver repair, nothing works...

Anyone had the same issue? any fix?



  • Other than have you tried re-seating the silver shaft but loosening the clamp and pushing the wheel in then re-tighten?

    FWIW my DD pro just started doing the same thing. Was working flawlessly for months until last thursday when the wheel stopped being acknowledged. Wheel base works, rim does not :(

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