Why I cant increase brf to any % amount?

Hey forum, I need to increase brf just a tiiiiny bit to suit me after I added customized elastomers but software only changes in increment of 5%. Its bugging me lol. If I increase 5% its little too much for where I want it to be. its so close to my sweet spot I might need 2%. I have it at 30 wanting to go to 32-33%

My friend has v3 and he can use any value, but I have csl elite v2 and only 5-10-15 .. up to 100 but only in 5s :(


  • Because the Firmware only allows for 5% increaments.

  • You can use a small PC program called DIVIEW. This program is also often used for high-end pedalboards, and allows you to adjust each axis.

    Once you have identified the brake axis, you can calibrate it from min=1966, med=33751, max=65535. You will have 3% less input when the brake is all the way down. BRF you can adjust it to 35%.

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