Base not detecting pedals

Hi. I would need help for a friend.

He bought a podium F1 and v3 pedals, everything as second hand.

When mounting he realized pedals are not detected by the base.

I did troubleshooting with my pedals and cable and I can confirm:

It is not a cable issue, I tested with my cable.

It is not a pedal issue, I tested my pedals (v3) and didn't work in the base

His pedals are.working fine in my base, and worked properly with USB in the PC.

I think it is a base issue, the base is updated with the latest firmware.

He doesn't have the invoice, so warranty is not an option.

Any idea how can I help him?

I was thinking if the previous owner connected the pedals to Base and USB at the same time. Could that impacte the base circuit? Any idea about what to change in the motherboard?

Thank you all.


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