Podium Wheel F1 - Directional Stick not working on other games then F122

Hi all :)

I have the podium Wheel F1 set (using only on PC) and with F12022 it works pretty well, i can use the buttons to navigate through the game settings and also with the directional stick choose the options.

Other games like ACC,A2, IRacing or other seem that are not recognizing it as a joystick. I have always to set up everything on PC on my keyboard and then for the racing, sit on my racing seat.

Is there any way i can adjust it, maybe i missed something?

Also the directional stick on the left doesn't work on F12022, and as i read it should work like as a mouse. But also this doesn't work.

I have fanalab installed and with the fanatec control panel i made sure to have the latest firmware installed.

thank you very much for your help.


  • I have a similar issue as the mapping to my games no longer works.

  • oh i'm glad to know i'm not the only one having this issue.

    In which games does it work for you? For me only in F12022, all other games are not working. Of course i can say i want the L3 button to be this and that, and that works. But i want to navigate through the game with the directional sticks etc.

    Does any one other has this issue? Thank you very much for your help

  • Here is a solution.

    I have Fanatec Formula Wheel and the left joystick is not recognized by default. Steps:

    1. Download Joytokey free software.
    2. Go to Settings/Configure Joystick/Advanced Setting for Each Device. Select your wheelbase that must be switched on.
    3. Go to Options/Stick/POV and choose Show all axes.
    4. Go to Joystick 1. Now, when you move the Fanatec analogue joystick the corresponding buttons will be highlighted in yellow. For me it was: Axis5(<0), Axis5(>0), Axis6(<0), Axis6(>0).
    5. Click on one of them, for example, the one corresponding to the down movement.
    6. Click "Edit button assignment" and choose the keyboard mode. Push, for example, a Numpad button: Numpad2 for the down movement. Assign buttons in such way. I did: Numpad6 for Right movement, Numpad4 for left movement, Numpad8 for up movement and Numpad2 for down movement.
    7. Go to Assetto Corsa Competizione to the Controls. For "Look Left" simply move the joystick to the left in the Keyboard column. It will return Numpad4, the left arrow. Do the same for other 3 joystick movements. Voilà
    8. Have fun.
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  • Thank you very much Sergey, i will try it - thank you so much for your time for this post :)

    Have a lovely evening

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