Brand New Podium F1 Set Up issue

Just installed the new Podium F1 wheel base I received today. Computer shows wheel and center, pedals and range, all looks good there.

Here's the weird part. For a while I couldn't get any of the buttons to register on the pc. removed and replaced the wheel. Ah, there they are. buttons work great.

Connect to ps4, no buttons work. change to another v2 rim, buttons don't work. but I have access to the tuning menu. Latest firmware is installed. All wheels up to date.

Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?


  • Did you put the base in PS mode?

    Did you assign the wheelbase as a controller?

  • Definitely in PS mode. Not sure what it means to assign the wheelbase as controller. How does one accomplish that?

    Newest Update: I have full functionality of the wheel now. Had to be some weird combination of cycling the power and removing and replacing the rim. Not sure I could repeat the process without more trial and error but works fine now. Hopefully all settings are remembered and future outings will be incident free.

    Thanks for the response :)

  • Still wildly inconsistent. Had it working perfectly, turned it off, and now the buttons no longer work again it seems. Extremely frustrating for a brand new primo device. I just don't understand how I could have it working, turn it off, and then nothing again.

  • So after a lot of experimentation and trial and error it comes down to this. The PS5 doesn't automatically pick up the wheel. It usually involves removing and replacing the wheel from the Podium which lets the wheelbase recognize the V2 wheel. It will query that I have the torque key in and if I want to proceed. When I hit X and the msg goes away I know the podium is talking to the V2 wheel. Than I can plug the base into the PS5 and hit the power button on the V2 wheel. Now the PS5 recognizes the new controller, hit X again, and I'm off to the races. It has been a long road just to consistently be able to turn the Podium on and get it to function correctly and consistently. But I'm there now and happy with the Podium F1 system. The learning curve on these devices are steep, especially in the beginning. I read the manual tirelessly in set up. 49 pages of instruction, which I appreciate, but I had to arrive at the above on my own.

    Moderators: I wanted to delete my previous post but there appears to be no function for that. If you would please. Thank you.

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