fanatec podium dd1 and f1 wheel

hello i'm very new to this and would like some help please, when i change the SEN setting to anything different from 1080 the wheels change direction so if i put the SEN to 360 and 360 in game the cars wheels turn left therefore the wheel has to be vertical to drive in a straight line obviously this can't be right so any help would be greatly appreciated? i always use my ryzen 7 all in one pc until january


  • Did you update your wheel and base on the PC to the latest firmware? There is also a setting while on the PC to center your wheel. The wheel can also be centered while plugged into the game using a couple hot keys together, refer to the quick guide.

    Also, I am not sure about this but if you are turn down SEN in the tuning settings on the wheel I'm not sure it needs to be done in the game. At least not in GT7. YMMV

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