UPS Shipping issues

I placed an order last Friday for a steering wheel. That same day, the order went out and has been on its way ever since.

The destination is Spain and my package should initially arrive today (following Friday) at my house.

This was the case until late yesterday afternoon. At that time, I got an email telling me that my shipment had been delayed to Monday, December 5th.

In the UPS application it tells me that the package is at the destination center. However, I have called UPS and they tell me that they do not know where my package is and that until Monday they cannot know where it is. They say that the shipment, in their internal system, still appears as if it has not arrived in Spain.

Last Friday I paid €28 for a shipment from Germany to Spain in the middle of 2022 and it is not only that it does not arrive in a week, it is also that it will take 10 days to arrive at my house and also with very poor management due to part of UPS. What is this that they do not know where my shipment is?

A big problem that Fanatec has had for many years is related to shipping. In an order of €400, made to an already established brand, you cannot ask for €28 of shipping costs and, even on top of that, the shipping service is as bad as UPS.


  • I paid 42 euros for shipping and also have no clue were my 440 euro package is or has even left the warehouse

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    I'm kinda in a samey boat or worse. I paid 43€ to ship a 180€ package to Portugal. How ridiculously expensive that sounds?

    It's been almost 10 days and the also ridiculously bad UPS service can't tell me where my package is or when it will arrive at my house.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Fanatec products and I wanted to buy more parts, but with the shipping costing more than 20% of the total price, makes it impossible.

    A ridiculously expensive and bad shipping service. What about changing the shipping provider @fanatec?

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