Fanatec dd2 noise

Hello i bought my fanatec DD2 on black friday with the porsche gt3 wheel.

Sometimes when i turn, mainly to the right, in iracing the wheel makes a weird sound like clunking sound. I dont feel any resistance or anything in the wheel or ffb but it just doesnt sound right.

Is this normal or is there anything i can do in the software to fix this?


  • Is the clicking a higher (metallic) noise? Did you just put the steering wheel on without tightening the thread? There is a "loose" ring between the twist grip and the steering wheel mount. This ring wobbles back and forth when the thread is not tightened.

  • Its like a clunking noise.

    I have tightent the thread right behind it, nothing is loose, i even have way less play in the qr than alot of the videos i have seen, its when going through a corner with high ffb strengths

  • Maybe the FBB is a bit too high and it's clipping. Try turning FBB down a bit .

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