New DD2 not in Fanatec control panel

I received my DD2 today and once I turned it on it didnt show up in the control panel. Also I can't follow the steps on the wheel and the fan is blowing 100%. Also it says HW V0 on the main and WQR section. I can't do any firmware update since it isnt there


  • I have unfortunately the same problem and would appreciate any kind of support.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    The problem is that the motor firmware and base firmware are incompatible but we can get you out of this.

    How to recover from this

    1. uninstall your current driver
    2. install this older driver linked below
    3. start the base by holding down the power button for 10seconds, this will force a firmware update
    4. after that the base should be working normally, but is on older firmware
    5. install driver 447
    6. flash firmware through the automatic process

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