Random FFB and steering lock issues in GT7

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I’ve run into a few glitches with my CSL elite steering wheel lately while using GT7. I understand that this could be a hardware problem, but so far I’ve only run into this issue in GT7

1) In several daily races, the steering lock has gone from working as expected to requiring loads of lock (like turning the wheel 180 degrees just to get a quarter turn of the wheel in cockpit view. On the following race, it will be completely fine. 

2) I was doing a custom endurance race this week (2 hours) when suddenly the steering went light. To be clear, there is still decent force feedback, but the turn in feels dull and in-precise, and now there is virtually no difference in feel between when the car has grip through a corner and when it understeers. 

I have since turned the minimum torque setting up which has given me the weighty feel back, but it still does not feel sharp like it once did. I find myself understeering a lot more than I used to. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • goodmorning,

    if the issue is popping up. hit the options button and than press X to continue racing.

    This solution works with the GT DD.

    Kind regards.

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