AC not seeing HE Sprints

Hi, new user here.

Sprints are recognised in pc, in the game controller menu.

But as soon as I am in the car, the pedals are not working.

Shifter paddles work, steering works (DD2) but not the pedals.

I have set the analog paddles (APM) to 'assignable axis' and not assigned them, assuming they would be ignored.

Latest FW, latest Fanalab, DD2 set to PC



  • AC with content manager, AC with original launcher or ACC?

    You have to map the throttle and the brake in Content Manager, or in Settings in ACC. I don't know about AC original launcher. Go to settings, click on Throttle and press the pedal. It has nothing to do with Fanatec or Assignable Axis. Sprints are "separate controls."

  • this game is nuts!

    now it sees the pedals, but not the shifters!

    as before, 'from new' profile, everything works in the menu, but when I enter the car, no shifting.

    to make sure, I used an Kunos track and car.

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