GT7 Podium F1 Randomly Changing MFD (HUD on the bottom right) Settings

Lawrence WangLawrence Wang Member
edited December 2022 in Gran Turismo

My new Podium F1 randomly changes MFD (the HUD on the bottom right) settings in-game, specifically inputting "d-pad up" to MFD. I ensured it was not me accidentally moving the rotary encoders, and I have tried to map all MFD keys to other functions to avoid any possible human inputs to the MFD settings yet this still happens. From my experiments, it seems to occur under sudden peak force feedback and only moves the current MFD setting "up", so fuel map 1 to 2, TC 1 to 2, or even enlarging the weather map by one level etc. I have tried to replicate this issue in PC mode under various games but no issues were found. I am running the latest drivers and firmware, the wheelbase was put into PS mode while playing GT7 and no other issues seem to be found. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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