Podium F1 DD1 not detecting to Win 11

Just got a new computer and was excited about getting the podium DD1 and pedals.

Installed the latest driver on the site and it detected the pedals only.

The wheel base has fan on 100% which looks like firmware is not right. Did the hard reset by holding power on for 10 secs and flashed and ran a prompt. Restarted and no base detected.

Uninstalled drivers, unplugged USB, went to device manager and removed what I could with fanatec but some things wont let me remove.

Installed driver again and went to game controller. It actually showed the base and then after I booted up app it went back to saying just game controller and not listing podium.

When I was in the app and pedals were working I went to update driver and click flash thinking that might get the wheel base to work. Well it stopped pedals from detecting.

I have tried unstall and installing this crappy driver 100 times. I have a great paper weight I can not use. Help.


  • Same problem, expect nothing is detect (no pedals)...

    Base appear in bluetooth and other devices on windows 11 sections but nothing in device manager,in "game controller" some rare moment...

    I try older version,different USB port....but nothing ...

    Someone Can help us?

  • same thing here. when first set up it was being detected but wheel was not connecting through hub. I took wheel off and replaced and it worked but only for a moment. Eventually it started working and I assume a poor connection [oxidation maybe??]. However, in game it kept telling me "controller not connected", I'd press x to connect and a few seconds later it did it again. So.. I tried updating everything and now nothing recognizes anything. Fanatec control panel doesn't recognize, Fanalab doesn't recognize, and PS5 doesn't recognize. I've tried everything and made sure everything is done / connected properly. I've installed drivers, removed drivers, re installed drivers, loaded in bootleg mode, flashed firmware, EVERYTHING repeatedly and also with 2 different computers. It's always the same thing. I've spent upwards of 16 hours on this.

  • Problems after problems...1 day work ok next day not i have dd1 and always have some issues.. I thinking to sell fanatec

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