NLR GT Lite cockpit with 8NM GT DD Pro and load cell CSL pedals

I was worried about flex with this setup but I'm happy to say it works perfectly.

There is zero flex from the wheelbase (that I can detect). Like most proper British racers, I usually have a glass of wine or beer bottle in a cup holder bolted next to the wheelbase and I haven't lost a drop yet. Hardly a ripple!

I was disappointed with the load cell brake at first. It is just too stiff and feels like you are pressing against a brick wall. It just doesn't seem right.

So I changed the BF to 65% and continued my AC qualifying. Know how to brake with the load cell now and I still have no drink spills!

Why should I raise the BF further? I see most people have it set around 80%. What advantage does this give you?


  • Stephen JayStephen Jay Member
    edited December 2022

    I initially found it too stiff so bought a progressive elastomer from 3drap to replace 2 of the standard ones. Happily used 85% BRF with that until it started to feel too soft, partly I suppose due to my leg getting stronger and the factory ones softening a bit, so gone back to all factory ones. For me at least a higher BRF requiring more pressure means more pedal travel and so better control of trail braking. Could probably even go to 90% BRF now.

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