Fanatec DD1 noise

Hi guys,

my DD1 is back from repair but I have a dubt. I hear a strage noise when I rotate the shaft of the DD1, with and without steering wheel attached with the wheel base on or off doesn't matter.

Could you please check this video and tell me if yours have the same behaviour?




  • Please guys, no one had 1 minute of time to move the wheel and check if it run with or without noise?

    I have no friends with the DD1 to check on my own.


  • Doesn't sound right, something is binding some where within the wheel base when the axle is at a certain angle. I would create a new support ticket.

    The DD1 is not 100% silent when you turn the wheel but needs to be more equal in sound.

  • I contacted the assistance guys and they confirmed that it is not correct, or rather, in the first place I was told that it is not dangerous and that I can also keep it like this.

    Since my DD1 had just arrived from service, it was DOA as the unit didn't recognize the universal HUB I had, I asked if they could send a new product in the meantime while I sent them mine. We're talking about two shipments to support in less than a month of life. They denied.

    No interest in end users and customer satisfaction. After 4,000 euros spent on various components, this is thanks.

    Definitely my last purchase

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