Fanalab UDP Config File

First post on the forums, and new to Fanatec. For specifics on my problem I'm running a DD1 w/ CSL WRC Wheel for Dirt 2.0. Newest Fanalab software version and updated firmware on all hardware.

Question is, does anyone know where the file is that Fanalab keeps its config setting for UDP? I'd like to see it while I'm making config changes. Here's why...

I use Sim Dashboard as my primary app for Telemetry data because I use my phone and an additional tablet for telemetry data and as button boxes. The button box feature doesn't work when data is forwarded to SD from another app. I'm assuming because it's one way communication. That means it must be the primary and I have to forward from SD. This works well with Simhub, which I also use for other telemetry.

The problem I'm running in to with Fanalab is that when I "Enable Telemetry" and it asks for a port, it is apparently changing two config files at once. One for Fanalab, and the other being the primary config file for Dirt 2.0. I have SD set to listen on the default port, 20777, and forward data to Simhub on port 30000, and to Fanalab on 7000. When I enable telemetry on Fanalab, it sets the Dirt 2.0 config to 7000 breaking the config for SD. When I fix the config for SD, it breaks the link for Fanalab. But get this, ONLY if I save the profile in Fanalab.

If I follow a precise order of operations I can make SD work, and forward to the assigned port in Fanalab. This allows my button boxes work AND get speed and gears on the LED on my CSL WRC.

This is the order:

  1. Without having a profile saved, and simply using the Dirt 2.0 recommended settings in Fanalab, I click on "Enable Telemetry" and select "7000" as my port, then select "Enable Hardware".
    1. This apparently updates the UDP port for Fanalab to listen on, and definitely updates the UDP port for Dirt 2.0 to transmit on in its config file.
  2. I go to Sim Dashboard and fix the config to the default UDP port, 20777.
    1. This apparently updates the UDP port for SD to listen on, and definitely updates the UDP port for Dirt 2.0 to transmit on in its config file.
    2. Please recall I'm forwarding to UDP Port 7000 in SD.
  3. Via Steam I load Dirt 2.0, in standard mode (i.e. not VR)

With this exact order everything will work. As soon as I restart my PC, or save the profile in Fanalab, it breaks. The restart I get. The config is not saved and is lost. It breaking as soon as I save the profile I do not get. This is why I want to see where Fanalab holds that config file with the port info.

Sorry for the wall of text. I'm a Hardware Engineer by trade and the devil is always in the details when it comes to these configuration mismatches. TIA for any help.

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