My wheel base or my wheel? CSL Elite vs F1 2019 Wheel

When I attach my new F1 2019 wheel to my CSL Elite wheel base, it is not detected, despite it working fine with the Universal Hub wheel. Current configuration:

  • CSL Elite Wheel Base, Firmware 689
  • Clubsport Universal Hub Wheel (works fine)
  • Clubsport F1 2019 Wheel (intermitently detected), driver firmware 44
  • PC Driver 439, Windows 10

When I use the Universal Hub wheel, everything seems fine. When I attach the F1 2019 wheel, I get the "No steering wheel attached to base" message in the control panel. Sometimes, when I attach the F1 wheel, the control panel will flicker showing it was recognized. Sometimes, I can turn the wheel and it will be recognized as "Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2". However, when it is recognized, the OLED display test, RevLED test, and Wheel Vibration test all do not function. The steering wheel values display, but no button presses are recognized, nor is the joystick registering. Only the Force Feedback test appears to work.

The CSL Elite is about 5-6 years old now and has largely functioned well, though I've noticed that either the power or USB cable seems to be getting loose and I've seen it suddenly disconnect. I've also caught the fan in it running way longer than I would expect.

The F1 2019 wheel is brand new. It seemed to work just fine out of the box and now a few days later I'm dealing with this. I swear it was fully functional the first time I used it.

Any ideas on how to either fix this or figure out which one is faulty? I don't want to go replacing the wrong piece.

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