fanatec firmware 447


I just installed the new 447 firmware. I have a CSL Elite Wheelbase and after this update, I cant have the tuning menu on my wheel anymore. all the settings I have are the "Sen" and "FFb"

I cant even select various profiles on the wheel as before.

Can you help me please

thank you


  • You did not read the big pop-up during the update which has informed you about that the base will restart in a (not so new anymore) Standard Tuning Menu with limited settings and ranges.

    To get back into the old Advanced Tuning Menu with all the settings just press the Tuning Menu Button for 3 seconds while being in the Tuning Menu (as explained in that pop-up).

  • that is correct. I did not read. thank you so much

    but as I can understand, I was suposed to be able to change the tuning menu also on fanalab, and that is unavailable as well.

    did I miss something else ?

  • The CSL Elite v1 Base is too old and uses not Advanced electronics. It can not show a Tuning Menu in a Software, neither in the Driver nor in FanaLab.

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