Connecting CSP3 to a DD1 base: can I use the cable bundled with the pedals?


I have fanatec products for a long time now (a bit more than 11 years), and I upgraded my wheelbase last year to a DD1.

I already had a CSP3, but I must admit I was surprised by the page 16 of the DD1 manual

The cable included with my wheelbase is shorter than the one I was using previously with my csw2.5 wheelbase and it is a problem for me.

I looked carefully but I don't see why the csp3 bundled cable would not be compatible: it has one more wire connected, but it should not be a problem in my opinion. So should I use the cable I got with my pedals and not the short one I got with my wheelbase?



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    No you cant. Only use the one which came with the base as only that one has ferrite cores which are Essential for the useage with pedals to not get EMI issues.

  • I boughted my dd1 used/second hand and thé câble I'm using for a year does not have any ferrite so if that's the only necessity I think I can skip it.

  • Can't edit with my phone, sorry for "boughted" I'm tired and english Is not my first langage

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