Update in the middle of the race

My wheelbase switched to update mode IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RACE, dispite that everything is up to date already. (and it SHOULD NOT do it automaticaly in the first place!!!)

Its not the first time it does it to me and it became really annoying already...

Wheelbase CSL DD

Latest driver (version 447)


  • Its getting more and more annoying. It happens to me a few more times just TODAY.

    And if you hit update button, it just stucks in an updating loop. Flashes the firmware, you close the window and it immidiatly opens again and it starts all over.

    Any help? Will try to downgrade drivers and see what happens...

  • i also had a few times and suddenly i couldn't drive anymore, now i have the problem that i can't see anything on my fanatec control panel, i'm still looking for a solution

  • Well, thing are grtting worse... Wheel become completely unusable...

    Now I am just stuck on updating loop. I turn on the wheel, it immidiatly goes to update mode. Tried to delete drivers - no effect. Even when I turn on the wheel with my computer turned off it still goes to update mode. So it must be some firmware issue.

    Will try to rollback and see if it helps...

    Fanatec what is wrong with you???

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