DD1 FFB loss mid session/use

Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this before with their DD1?

What happens is the wheel randomly loses all FFB and the input from the wheel to computer becomes choppy/has a reduced refresh rate.

This has happened to me before on previous drivers, and has happened 3 times since updating my drivers (Fanatec Drivers version 447, Fanalab V1.66, Wheelbase firmware and Motor firmware about 3 days ago.

Have a look at these youtube links. You can clearly see when the steering input goes from smooth to choppy (this is when I lose all FFB and the wheel snaps sharply left or right)

Let me know if it has happened to you before, and if you have had a potential fix.

I am trying to avoid re-downloading drivers and updating the wheel as this has bricked my base before.

This is extremely annoying as the software on these products is not up to scratch.

Thanks Guys


Clip 1 16s: FFB had already failed, FFB jolts to the right then turns back on at about 16s

Clip 2: Jolts at 11s to the right and then FFB fails

Clip 3: Jolt to the left at 10s and then FFB fails





  • I'm having FFB drop off / wheel DC issues with the McLaren v2 (with QR1) and the CSW v2.5 base. Another friend *with identical gear* is having the same issues. Random FFB drops, loss of all wheel functions aside from the base shaft still recognizing steering inputs. Wheel will randomly reconnect a few seconds later (sometimes not at all). This literally has never happened the entire time I've owned this gear but suddenly, in the last 3 weeks, its happened 8 - 10 times. We have a league race in 6 days and I am probably screwed and I could not be more disappointed with this entire debacle. Fanatec - please help.

  • I used to have all sorts of odd behavior like this. Grounding my system solved it. I live in an old house with 2 prong AC outlets, there was no ground wire at all! First thing I did was run a ground wire to a water pipe so the PC, LFE & wheelbase power supplies are all now properly grounded. Then I ran a ground wire from the pedals to the wheelbase. Once I did this all the odd behavior just stopped. Odd intermittent behavior from the HP Reverb G2 stopped also.

    If you have a properly grounded AC system in your race room, just run a ground wire from the pedals to the wheelbase. It's easy and worth a try.

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