Clubsport V3 USB - set brf by usb


Is it possible to set the brf when connected by USB?

I find it a pain having to set the max for my brake everytime I firmware upgrade, as it takes a few times to get it back to where it was after a few practice sessions to dial it in each time.



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    Not via the Tuning Menu setting, no. That one is exclusive for RJ12 connection to the base.

    Just set the BRF to the same value as used before a firmware update and it will feel the same as before as the pressure does not change during an update. BRF 100 is always 90kg. BRF 50 is always 45kg etc etc.

    Also, Firmware Updates are soooooo rare for this old pedal set, in fact last year was rhe very first new firmware released for it since they launched in 2015...

  • Thanks. I don't have a Fanatec wheel base any more so its only usb.

    In auto mode you can use the slider, but you can't set the deadzones for max or min, which is what I would like to have if possible.

  • Min and Max can still be set when pedals are connected via USB, but the pedals need to be in rhe manual mode.

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